Laura Turns 35: Let's Give Her the Best Surprise

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First of all, isn't it great that this page is embedded in Laura's website, hidden from her in plain site? :-D

Now that we've all had a good laugh about that, here's why I created this page: In her 33rd year,  Laura found a direction that makes her feel vibrant, alive, and purposeful in life. When she teaches and plays in the circus gym, she lights up like a firefly. We all know how naturally light and beautiful Laura is. Imagine that multiplied by 20... She's like a tanning booth for joy rays.

The thing about finding your passion, as many of us know, is that it takes a lot of courage to pursue it. And the pay along the way to success is usually low. In a little over a year Laura has gone from her first circus class, to taking a teacher training, to leaving her job at YogaWorks with only one weekly class on the schedule, to teaching three classes a week and running the circus blog. Girl is motivated.

For as long as she's been doing this, she's been dreaming of having her own circus apparatus to practice on, and to teach private lessons. This could mean the difference between four classes a week and a full-time job doing the thing she loves. And I want more than anything to make this happen for her. 

The thing is: This apparatus costs $1850. And since we're living on something of a single-income at the moment, its a bit out of my reach. 

But I know one thing for sure -- what's impossible for one person is easy for a hundred. And when I thought about that, I realized how much more impactful it would be for this incredible gift to come from all the people who love and respect Laura. She would get to see what so many of us often long for: that the people in her life are determined to see her succeed. 

The Plan

You're probably wondering, how do I plan to make this happen? Here it is:

If everyone would contribute $20 (or more, if you want! ;-)... And I find 90 people who love Laura even a fraction as much as I do (easy, right?), this thing will come to life. :)

Next step: There is a park near our house in Oak View, which is typically very empty. I will set up the circus apparatus. If you can make it, please come join us for a picnic surprise--where we will all witness Laura burst into tears of joy and disbelief. The Surprise will begin at 2pm on Sunday, October 19 at Foster Park. See more details at the bottom of this page!

How to Contribute

Follow these instructions so we can avoid giving Paypal a "cut" ;-)

  1. Choose “Send Money” tab
  2. To:
  3. Fill in “Amount”
  4. Underneath “Amount” you’ll see two options. Choose the “Personal” option, which will be called either “Personal” or “Sending money to family or friends.”*
  5. Click “Continue”
  6. Click “Send Money.”

    I will update the top, upper-right hand corner of this page every few days, so keep checking in if you want to know how close we are :)

Note: If for some reason I fail (sad face) I will refund everyone. But don't count on it! I'm pretty determined. Hehe. Also, if you'd rather send a check with a hand-written note, or give me both in person, lets do that!

How to Send a Note

Please send a note to tell Laura why you contributed to her present (if you did--no pressure!) and send your birthday wishes and inspiration on her journey. :) Part of the beauty of this gift is to have her realize how much love and support she has. Of course, this can look like a long list of all the things you adore about her. (My favorite kind of note!)

Send it  by email: 
Send to

Hand it to me:
We'll figure it out. :)

How to join the festivities!

Sunday, October 19.
Laura arrives at 2:30pm!

Foster Park
28 Casitas Vista Road
Oak View, CA 93022

Take the 101 to the 33 towards Ojai
Exit Casitas Vista
Turn left, park will be on your right, just after the bike path
Walk along the grass until you find us!

Parking at the park itself costs $4. However, just underneath the freeway there is ample free parking, and you'd have under a 10 minute walk to the party!

(If you're coming from LA where Freeways are monsters... Don't worry. This is the country. It's not scary.)

So Far 
$1317 out of $1850!!
(only $533 to go)

Click on this one to read it. :)

This is the rig!