Laura is not only my yoga instructor but she has become an inspiration to me.
She teaches in such a magical way it is hard to describe with words. From the uplifting tone of voice she uses for poses, to her creative visualization, the relaxing hands-on adjustments and even her amazing singing at the end of class. These are just a few “extras” she provides in each unique class. After every hour I spend with her my entire mind, body and spirit feel more powerful and refreshed. She is truly my angel!
— Amanda B.
Laura is all you want in a teacher.
Knowledgeable, to not only apply it on the content of what is being taught but also as the wisdom on the understanding of the needs of each individual.
Fun. Preserving her style, there is always a variety of exercises/poses to keep you engage and aiming for more.
Compassionate. With a gentle spirit that understands the deepest connection to our inner selves and guides us through that journey.
— Roxana Mathieu
Dear Laura, I want to share with you that I just started yoga these past few weeks and with your expertise and encouragement I have noticed a difference in my every day activities as I go to work, interact with my friends and even how much easier it is for me to go to sleep at night.

I am much more flexible and have noticed how much easier it is for me to do the mundane things such as getting in and out of my car, as well as my ability to look over both my right and left shoulder while driving. I had been experiencing quite a lot of pain in my lower back and after your Restorative class last night I didn’t have to take any medication to go to sleep. (!!)

Thank you for your nurturing and your care. I am looking forward to your class tomorrow!!
— Bonnie Logan
Laura is one of the kindest and most attentive yoga teachers I have ever taken classes with. Her classes always have a wonderfully gentle and relaxing flow. I often go to class feeling tired, achy and stressed, and by the end of the class I feel wonderfully refreshed, relaxed and clear.

As a teacher, Laura creates a space which is a great blend of knowledgeable, guided, practice while also encouraging you to listen to your own body, and to do what feels good to you. She reminds you to be attentive to places in your body and mind which might be neglected or overworked, and she gives you tools to create space and energy in these places, and I always feel lighter after her instruction. I love taking classes with her!
— Claire Wade-Hak
I love Laura’s yoga classes. I have had many teachers and she is one of the best.
I like the style, the focus on breath and that Laura notices what I do and will come to adjust when necessary. I have missed this kind of attention with many teachers. Laura really teaches, she does not just lead a class. I make a commitment to come to class because even when I am feeling stiff and depleted I come out of class feeling rejuvenated and my body feeling more open.
— Anat Dagan
I have been attending Wednesday morning yoga classes the past three weeks, Feb 26, March 5 and 12, 2014 at the Krishnamurti Center, which were led by Laura. As a 64 year old who has been out of commission for over a year due to injuries to my right knee and shoulder I was hesitant to take any kind of yoga for fear of re injuring myself. Friends of mine had taken Laura’s class and told me about her very gentle and caring instruction and since I have experienced the rejuvenating affects of yoga in the past I decided to take a chance with her yoga class.

At the very beginning Laura asked me and the other members of the class about past injuries and was very careful throughout that we were doing the postures using proper alignment. In some of my past experiences with yoga, too many teachers are there to show off, or they get involved with conversations with students during the most strenuous poses endangering students trying to hold on. Laura was constantly watching, adjusting and encouraging us to listen to our bodies and just do what is comfortable. I felt very well taken care of.

As a result of spending the past three Wednesdays in Laura’s caring, gentle and very professional class, I feel I am on the road to recovery.
— Muriel Albersheim
Hi Laura, You gave me the private yoga lesson at the Krishnamurti Retreat last week. I finally tried yoga and am glad it was with you. You did an outstanding job. You have a special talent in the way you instruct with an ease of fluidity and control throughout the entire session.

You knew exactly the right amount and type of moves to put me through for my first time. I am sure your advance class is just as talented.

I will highly recommend you to any family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you for a great Yoga experience!
— Marcus S.