Private Lessons

Reasons why you may want to consider creating a personalized at home practice:

  1. You're tired of doing a generic practice. You'd prefer that a teacher talk with you, see you move, and customize a practice based on your needs and requests.
  2. You're either new to yoga, or when you've practiced before you've hurt yourself. This time, you'd like your teacher to make sure you are following your body's correct alignment to stay safe and healthy.
  3. You'd appreciate hands on adjustments bringing awareness directly to your body instead of always relying on your mind to interpret the instructions of the teacher.
  4. You feel like being nurtured with a final resting pose set up just for you, with pillows propped under and around you, easily facilitating your mind and body dropping into a deep state of relaxation.
  5. You have children, and it's easier for you to stay home with them while you practice. You may even want them to join in :).
  6. You have specific days and times you'd like to practice that don't work with the local classes.

I am happy to accommodate you! 

If you do have kids or animals, they are welcome to hang out or join in during your sessions. (There is nothing like your child, or dog or cat curling up with you in the final resting pose, savasana.)


If you are curious about creating a practice that is specifically tailored to meet your individual needs, contact Laura to set up a free phone consultation or your first session.

Generally, sessions are one-hour long.

Single (one-time) Private Session: $100

Weekly Session: $75

Twice a week: $65 per session