Body Mind Well

One-on-one sessions

Body Mind Well brings your attention to your body’s internal wisdom, letting your mind know that you are well. These one-on-one sessions draw from yoga, partnered movement, reiki, trust building exercises, and/or empowering (and simple) movement games.
Available and beneficial for all levels and ages.

Each session is unique and designed for you to freely embody the physical and mental ease that is available underneath excess tension and fear. 

Is your goal physical?
Would you like to increase balance, mobility, flexibility, toning, and/or just feel a sense of freedom and ease in your body?

Is your goal emotional?
Are you healing from loss, trauma or grief? Or maybe you’ve been on an emotional plateau for years and you feel numb. Are you ready to start feeling again, and perhaps feel what joy feels like coursing through your veins and shining out through your natural smile?

Wherever you are, I’ll meet you there. These sessions are similar to one-on-one yoga sessions, except we have more modalities to pull from to support you in achieving your specific goal(s).

Does this sound intriguing? Inquire about a free 20-minute phone or in-person consultation to see if a Feel More Ease session could support you!

On Pepperdine's "Green;" a regular spot for sessions.

On Pepperdine's "Green;" a regular spot for sessions.