Aerial Dance


Feel your whole body working together as a cohesive unit while experiencing the thrill of flying low to the ground. In the silks we:

  • Play

  • Strengthen

  • Develop Flexibility

  • Experience the long lines of a dancer

  • Connect moves together and flow

  • Feel tension along our spine release as we safely hang upside down

These classes are designed for total aerial beginners. You may have a background in some other kind of fitness, or you may not. When I began aerial dance I didn't have the strength to hold my own body weight. And now in the Gallery section you can see what kinds of things I'm doing. Many of the videos are just practices as I'm learning new skills, but you can get a strong sense about whether you connect with this form of expression.

Note: I believe people get strong and fit so fast in these classes because in all the fun they're having they don't even realize how efficiently their muscles are working!

What I've learned through being a part of aerial arts:

  1. How to lift my entire lower body up over my head (This is often a major step for people - It took me about a month to develop upper body strength, core strength, and overcome a lot of fear).

  2. How to lift myself up gracefully. Initially it was all about the nuts and bolts of picking myself up while keeping my shoulders safe. With continued practice I grew stronger until one day with a shriek of excitement I swung my legs over the trapeze. From there, the work was and continues to be, refining, lifting smoothly instead of jumping, lifting with straight legs instead of bent knees, etc. There's always somewhere to go, but each part of the journey creates more ease as it strengthens me.

  3. To trust myself. I learned that I can develop the strength and then the confidence to hold myself up, even upside down - and that I won't give up.

  4. Hanging upside down is a natural endorphin booster!

  5. "Normal people" can do cool tricks - the basic moves from Cirque du Soleil (you don't have to be a gymnast!)

  6. Even if you are two feet off the ground, imagine that you are 30 feet up. There is no 'just letting go.' You hold on, and you come down safely. In the more advanced skills this sometimes involves creativity, which also develops confidence. You don’t give up on yourself: because you can’t.

  7. This can light a fire in you that will make you feel lighter, like you have a natural spring in your step and keep you lit up all week long.