What is Flow?

When you come to my class you’ll hear me say “pay attention to the rhythm of your own breath.”

That’s exactly what flow is ~ your own rhythm.

We often get so caught up in the movement of society around us that we forget to listen to our own inner voice. Or maybe we do hear it but deem it unimportant and ignore it.

When we do this, we seem to say to this inner voice which tries to guide us, which is essentially ourselves, that it cannot be trusted. We fail to trust ourselves. And we see how this plays out in our lives. Our bodies shut down. Our emotions shut down. We stop letting the world in and being present to what’s happening in our lives. We become numb, and bored.

But your voice is important. You are important. Your authentic expression is extremely important and is such a contribution to this world. Whatever it is you feel moved to do, that thing that makes you light up inside and out—that is your flow. Whether it’s moving actively, dancing around your house to music, singing in the shower, playing tennis with friends, or simply sitting and being fully present to enjoy your grand daughter’s story.

Whatever it is, when you do what makes you light up, you’re bringing that light and joy to the world around you. And we all know what a difference light can make in a world that, at times, can feel overcome with shadows.

Through yoga we do structured work to guide the body back into alignment and wake up the breath. I love to incorporate free form movement to give you the opportunity to quiet, listen, and move in a way that feels most in alignment with your personal flow. During these times, if you listen carefully, your body will tell you exactly how it wants to move.

It’s still speaking, telling you how to bring ease back into your life. If you give yourself the gift of becoming quiet enough to hear it, it will guide you.