Connectivity playshop

The key components of Feel More Ease, brought into group sessions.

Exploring relationship
through connecting
our vulnerability and strengths.

How often do we attempt to control life?

How often do we try to control others?

How is this working for us?

Sometimes we need to take control of a situation, but sometimes… we may just be attached to needing to feel in control.

What is this doing to us? What is this doing to our relationships?

What’s available to us when we can feel at ease, right here, right now, independent of what others are doing, and what circumstances are happening?

This is not to say we shouldn’t work hard and go after what we want. Who I am speaking to are those of you who have worked hard to go after what you want, and you’re noticing that you’ve become attached to needing things (or people) to be a certain way in order for you to feel ok.

Giving is a form of control. It can be a beautiful form, but if we are only giving, and not letting ourselves receive, we are going to burn out. Just like if you overwork a muscle, it may go into spasm, it’s normal for a certain version of you to go into spasm if overworked.

Receiving is a form of letting go of control. When our guard is up and we need things to be a certain way, we’re only able to receive a sliver of what’s available in that moment- whatever that “thing” is that we expected. This expectation can be positive or negative, and when it's met, our ego is fed. Have you ever had the experience of expecting a situation to disappoint you, and then feeling some sense of satisfaction when you’re able to say “I was right.” Our brains only experience a small percentage of what is ACTUALLY GOING ON. Have you ever had the experience of buying a car, and then for days, you see that same kind of car everywhere? When we get something in our head, that's what we see.

When we develop strong neural nets that “the world is just this way” or “people are going to disappoint me,” we start to only be able to see those “realities.” But what if there is more available in life, or in people, or in ourselves, than what we have been physically and mentally been able to see?

It's not our fault. Certain physical tensions and emotional memories may have been on overdrive within us for years, keeping us locked into a certain perspective.

But what if there were a safe, fun and easy place where we could start to explore these dynamics within ourselves?

Starting this inner exploration in the context of our current relationships can be challenging, because we already have habitual ways of seeing these people. Instead, looking at our need for control in a setting of people we don’t know well, and light-heartedly seeing where our walls are through fun games can be a much easier way to explore these dynamics. Once we experience information that is personally meaningful, we can then apply it to our more intimate relationships.

This work is just as valuable for men as it is for women, but before I open it up to men, my intention is to bring together a sisterhood.

This playshop is an opportunity to laugh as we venture into the mysterious world of finding ease when someone else (who we’ve met and trust enough at least to work with in the activity) is leading… and to experience what’s available within us in these moments! We'll also get to practice being the one to guide, and explore how each of us can be a calm, connected leader.

What’s so fun about joining our community for these playful explorations is that they bring on a spirit of curiosity and wonder. We’ll keep partnering with different people, and will ultimately meet a lot of new friends! This is a chance to come to a safe place, join in embodied experiences, participate in partnering exercises to develop trust in oneself and in others, practice letting go of tension, receive support, experience surprise, connect, and learn how to feel at ease within ourselves and with each other while developing community and sisterhood.

Flyer from last event, September 23, 2018

Flyer from last event, September 23, 2018